Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Tabula Rasa @ Mosaic

Tabula Rasa, or otherwise for those who don't speak Latin; a clean state, or existing in the purest original state. That's what Chef Chantel Dartnall has entitled the new Autumn/Winter menu at Restaurant Mosaic at The Orient.

I have always, only heard amazing things from every person that has gone to The Orient Boutique Hotel to experience Restaurant Mosaic. So, it has been on my bucket list for a while. So when I got the chance, I literally jumped at the opportunity with both hands & this one I was not declining. 

So there I go on the drive to lunch & on arrival, it is a beautiful setting of this beautiful hotel surrounded by nothing but nature. Greeted by friendly staff at the gate & then ushered into the reception area where Germain Lehodey, house sommelier, awaits with the welcome drink list.

I opted for the bubbly on arrival. (As I always do.) This time, something that I have not had before. The Champagne Franck Bonville 2009 Brut Reserve. The next moment, some snacks are presented & here I find myself indulging in the 1st bit of food from Restaurant Mosaic. A Mushroom Mousse enfolded in Mushroom & a vegetable spring roll with rice paper & Asian styled dipping sauce.

And up we go to the actual restaurant & I take my seat at a simple & elegantly set table. A few moments later, Chef Chantel Dartnall makes her appearance & is revolving in the room table to table giving each person some individual attention & extra information regarding the culinary experience that we would be taking today. And to end that off, we cheers with a glass of Jacques Bruere Bon Courage 2002 Brut Reserve.

Bread. Bread and more Bread. And Gourmet Bread. With Gourmet Butter. An array of bread is brought round to each table & you have your choice of any bread that they have. I opted for the Mushroom & Caramelised Onion and the Basil Pesto options. Knowing me, I tried every butter that they had on the table just to see what was my favourite. The Unsalted Vanilla Seaweed was definitely the winner. 

A quick little palate cleanser shot from the kitchen - Lemonade & Rocket. Fresh & Crisp.

Something to just awaken the palate, as Chef Chantel said, an Asparagus Mousse with Mushrooms & a Snail. Then this plate is put in front of you that looks like there is a snail escaping from the little garden on your plate.

The Amuse Bouche is something that I wish I could have had a double serving of. This cauliflower soup du jour with goose liver mousse filled brussel sprouts was something that really played with your senses. Beautifully presented with contrasting colours. The texture of the fine soup & with the crunchy brussel sprout leaves & finished off with the smooth goose liver mousse.

I opted for the fish. Apparently, Mosaic is the place "Where the River meets the Sea." A combination of fresh water fish & sea water fish on 1 plate. The sweet Tilapia & the salty Halibut accompanied by Oyster Leaves & Watercress.

Dessert is going to blow your mind. The First Frost. A poached Forelle Pear filled with white chocolate & served with homemade mushrooms & tonka. Every bite is full of flavour & texture that will definitely be leaving you very satisfied. 

And just before you think it's all done. Well, think again. Post dessert treats with coffee. Petit Fours & Turkish Delight & Fudge. It will definitely be on the sweeter side of things. But oh so good. 

Right. So, who is not keen to try out the new menu at Restaurant Mosaic?

Check out their website:

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