Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Samsung #GalaxyS9 - #Unpacked

So I have been an IOS user for pretty much the last 10 years & now, I've gotten the opportunity to put my skills of adapting to change to use on using Android... In the form of the newly #unpacked Samsung Galaxy S9 for the last 2 weeks now. (I won't lie, I'm still struggling making the move from IOS to Android, but it does get a bit easier every day.)

Lets be honest, the way in which we use our phones have changed a whole lot over the last few years. No longer only for phone calls & SMS's but we live in a much more virtual online life now where we spend most of the time looking at our phone & not with a phone against our ear. 

At first glance, the Samsung Galaxy S9, doesn't look like much of an upgrade from its predecessor, the S8. Samsung decided to stick to the design, but make it a whole lot sturdier, faster & more useful for day-to-day activities. I've mostly used mine for taking some pictures, so that's mainly what I tend to look for in a phone, is what people have to say about the camera.

The camera reimagined...

Probably the best thing about this phone is the camera. I'm loving the way I get to use the single-sensor 12MP camera. The biggest upgrade from what I understand is that the sensor can now switch between lower & higher apertures, (technically meaning that you can take still take great shots in really low lighting & in really bright lighting). And improvements to the sensor so that it can analyse & improve images more effectively.

The low light pictures are pretty cool, and as a feature not seen before on a camera phone, it is impressive. Just don't expect a crystal clear image as you usually would when you've been shooting on the auto mode. 

In addition, they have added/redefined the photography modes, giving you a chance to get a wider variety style of shots. Something that does bother me, is that you can't zoom in whilst using some of these modes. One of my favourites is the selective focus & how you can jump between a near & far focus on the same image. 

The selfie camera, coming in at 8MP is a treat resulting in high quality shots & with the panorama selfie setting you can now successfully get more people in the shot without extending your arm out of it's socket. You can also now create your very own AR Emoji that is supposed to look like you & can imitate your facial movements. A very cool feature, but sadly, it doesn't pic up all of my beard, and well, that's pretty much a trademark of mine, so my AR Emoji, looks like me back just after leaving high school.

The S9 has been released in a range of colours. Midnight Black, Titanium Grey, Coral Blue & Lilac Purple. 

Image result for s9 colours

So far I have been pretty impressed with the phone overall & it is a very impressive phone. But it will set you back a good few rands, starting from R15,499 for the S9 & R17,499 for the S9+. 

What this phone features that is really growing on me, is the Infinity Display, with its uninterrupted end-to-end display. 

Check it out online. #Unpacked #GalaxyS9

Friday, 9 March 2018

Granita @ Kievits Kroon - #FairCityEscape

The dinner at Granita out at Kievits Kroon was just that good, I decided it needed it's own post.
Just FYI. If you want to go eat here, you definitely need to make a reservation. They are usually fully booked well in advance. (That, in itself, already tells you something.)

Amuse Bouche - Cucumber with an Avocado Salsa

Starter - Poached chicken galantine, stuffed with chicken liver and giblet farce served with cauliflower purée.

Soup - Chef's Choice: Curry Vegetable

Fish - Ravioli of duck confit served with pan-fried prawn and prawn bisque.

Sorbet - Chef's Choice: Green Apple & Lime

Main - Grilled beef fillet with braised oxtail & textures of onions.

Dessert - Traditional baked malva pudding served with a citrus crème anglaise.

The food was full of flavour & cooked to perfection. No wonder this restaurant is always fully booked. 

Now who doesn't love a good glass of wine? Right? An absolutely exquisite range of wines are available on the wine list. But I opted for the wine pairing with my dinner. 

1st up... Overgaauw, 2014 Sauvignon Blanc.
Tropical aromas, lime zest & green apples. Balanced with a nice minerality coming through on the palate.

2nd... Haute Cabrière, 2017 Chardonnay Pinot Noir
Full of fresh zesty fruit, especially white peach. A balanced & delectable full mouth feel.

3rd... Kievits Kroon Merlot
Their very own wine label & is only available at Kievits Kroon. A full bodied red full of red berries & plums.

4th... Thelema, 2014 Vin de Hel Muscat Late Harvest
Light golden dessert wine with a floral perfume & is complimented by undertones of honey & citrus. 

What an experience. Definitely one of the best dining experiences that I have had in a long time. Top class food. Top class wine. Top class service. 
It comes highly recommended in my opinion.


Kievits Kroon - #FairCityEscape

A lil piece of Franschhoek right here in Pretoria. That's the way I've decided to describe Kievits Kroon. Rightly so, as it has been acknowledged as "the Winelands in Gauteng" due to the Cape Dutch-style architecture. And only a quick 20min drive from the Menlyn area makes it so accessible.

Kievits Kroon is situated on a tranquil 16-hectare country estate & has offerings for the whole family, provided that they are over 14 years old. (Also in my mind, making it a perfect romantic getaway destination.)

Upon arrival on the estate, you travel through an avenue of trees that stretch out, and at the end, you can see some of the old Cape Dutch styled buildings peeking through. I was pretty much blown away at how beautiful this estate is. Long stretching lawns of green grass & bright white buildings. I immediately forgot that I was still in Pretoria as I felt like I was down in Franschhoek.

One thing that I love when checking in at any hotel, is when you are treated like a VIP & as if you are their most important guest. To top that off, you are ushered to the 41 Library Bar for a welcoming drink of your choice. Much to my surprise, they already had a glass of bubbly waiting for me. (Bonus Point.)

A quick drive down to my room.
So, Kievits Kroon is know for their luxurious accommodation. And they sure did not disappoint. 
Modern, sophisticated, yet homely large rooms that have all the luxury necessities that you would need. (I spot more bubbly on ice out of the corner of my eye... Yay!)

Off I ventured to the chill next to the pool & grab a bite to eat. The menu next to the pool has bits of everything on & will definitely cater for pretty much anything you feel like when you are peckish. 

It's calm & quiet. A perfect place to relax & read a book or just sip on a G&T with some mates as the afternoon unfolds.

Right, so the dinner. You won't find anything in this article about my visit to Granita for dinner. And no, it's not because I don't want to mention it. It's because it was that great that it needs its very own article.

I was blown away. Check out my dinner experience at Granita here.

Anyway; so after dinner, feeling very full, off I wander back to the room & once I walk in, I find that the room has been turned down & it's a beautiful romantic setting.

I mean, how cute....

What a great night rest. You know, when the bedding is just so soft & silky & comfortable. You end up in dreamland the moment you get in that bed. 

So the property has 142 luxury en-suite rooms, all with TV & complimentary WiFi. (The only problem I experienced over my entire stay, was that the WiFi wouldn't connect everywhere on the property. But lets be honest, when you are surrounded by such a beautiful setting, you don't need to be connected 24/7.)

All in all. What an incredible stay. 

Check out their website:
And if you want to see more of what I got up to, check out #FairCityEscape.

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Thomas Sabo - #GenerationCC

A new look & design for the Charm Club.
Reinventing & Revolutionising the world of the Charm.

Combining High Fashion; Enthusiasm for Jewellery & your Personality resulted in the new Thomas Sabo collection with around 260 restyled sterling silver, 18k gold plated & natural material Charm designs. 

Cool vintage stylistics, extra-large Charms, seductive single earrings as well as a wealth of different carriers, including necklaces, bracelets & hinged hoops. Will definitely ignite a collector's passion for new & untold combination options to set trends for spring/summer 2018.

The new Charms are perfectly suited to modern layering styles with a variety of different sizes, structures & textures and are bound to create powerful jewellery creations which capture the collectors' individuality.

What is probably my favourite selection of Charms come from the iconic Rebel at Hearts designs which have now joined the Charm Club for the very first time under the "Vintage Rebel" category. Definitely making some serious eye catching Charm looks for both Him & Her. 

The Sterling Silver collection with an unprecedented intensity of colour & individual look. This range extends from artistic, tropically mythical motifs through to edgy wearable hinged hoops, creating quite a diverse collection, where contrasts combine to form a treasure trove of richly detailed pieces.

The new range is out & available in stores & online at
Check out what everyone is saying on social media - #ThomasSabo & #GenerationCC

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Carnival City

A quick weekend getaway is always a treat. And event better when it's technically, literally right on your doorstep. I popped over to Carnival City for a weekend to see what they have going on there.

So Carnival City is a top-class, circus themed, entertainment & casino complex situated in Ekurhuleni, in the East of Gauteng. The main casino is housed in what looks like a very large circus Big Top Tent & has been festively decorated in a kaleidoscope of colours. 

A bit of stats: there are more than 60 gambling tables & over 1,700 slot machines in the casino to keep the adults entertained. But fear not, there is a games arcade & a cinema to provide exciting entertainment for the kids. And if gambling is not really your thing, then there is Spa & Beauty Salon on site where you can go relax & have a good pampering session. 

Eating out at Carnival City leaves you spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding on a restaurant, whether it be for a sit-down or fast food meal. So there is something for everyone & you'll most definitely find exactly what you are looking for.

Not keen to drive home after attending a concert in the 3,500 seater, Big Top Arena? Then you are in luck & just book in at the 4-star Carnival City Hotel. (It's walking distance from the main entrance & is connected to the main casino for convenience.) Offering 105 luxury rooms, all with the basics to make your stay a pleasant one, so it really is a treat.

Just spend the morning in bed, taking in the comfort of that hotel lifestyle, then head on down for a spot of buffet breakfast that has a wide variety of freshly prepared food. And if you don't want to go home just yet, why not enjoy the rest of day next to the outdoor swimming pool in the sun & relax soaking up the rays & sipping on something cold from the bar. (Naturally I opted for a G&T in this case.)


Mind Blown...

That's how I can describe The Illusionists right now.
A showcase of jaw-dropping talents from 7 of the most incredible illusionists on earth in my opinion. 

The acts include grand illusion, mind reading & disappearance. Definitely world class performers who have taken a leaf out of the books for their own showmanship from some of the greatest illusionists in history (think Harry Houdini).

What makes the show even better is the modern & contemporary aesthetic. The set & costume designs sure lend to the theatricality & the artistry that has not, to this level, ever been seen in South Africa.

Something that makes the show very 'relatable', is the that the performers have gone that extra mile to make the show South African & include current events & local happenings in their show. My favourite for the night most certainly was Chris Cox, The Mentalist. Not just an incredible talent, but a funny guy & he had the crowd laughing & cheering at just how accurate his mind control & mind reading abilities are.

Probably one of the biggest crowd favourites is Darcy Oake, The Grand Illusionist, who makes the show when he disappears off stage like vanishing into thin air & even more, when he makes a real life-size motorbike appear on stage. You are literally left in awe & it boggles your mind as to how on earth they get it right. 

This is most definitely a show that I would highly recommend to persons of all ages. You sit there watching things unfold before your very eyes & you know it's not physically possible. All of a sudden you believe in magic all over again, & you just can't help it, but before you know it, you are excited like when you were back when you were a kid. 

I was fortunate enough to get to meet the The Grand Illusionist himself, Darcy Oake & he took us on a journey of magic & how it changed his life. (Completely by chance when his dad correctly, by complete luck, chose his card out of a pack of 52) 

If you want to see what everyone else has been saying about the show online, just check out #ItsAnIllusion & I'm pretty sure you will see that it's not just me raving about the show.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Top Model - South Africa 2018

What is fast growing into one of the biggest (and prestigious) modelling competitions in the country, the Top Model SA 2018 Grand Finale took place at the Carnival City - Big Top Arena. And are we impressed? Yes!

Top Model SA is part of Top Model Worldwide, which is one of the leading international, professional model search competitions, with a proven history of discovering some of the best new model talent there is. (Remember guys, this is not a pageant. It is a modeling competition.)

So back to the Grand Finale. So thousands of guests attended the incredible production led by the renowned Choreographer & Producer: Willie Venter. That sure is one thing that I must say, even with a few missed cues & models crossing paths at the wrong moment, the production was done incredibly well. Adding to that, you do need to know that most of 80 contestants have never walked on a ramp before, nevermind doing that in front of thousands of people & whilst it is being broadcast worldwide live via AfriLive.

Melissa Magiera (22) from Cape Town & Alexander Jenkinson (18) from Cullinan walked away with the title of Top Model SA 2018 winners.

"Always believe in yourself, no matter what. Hard work & determination will always get you what you want." - Melissa Magiera 

"The harder I worked, the luckier I got. It's still so unreal." - Alexander Jenkinson

"It took a lot of self discipline & hard work. But it all paid off. This is life changing." - Jayme Scott

The Fresh Face category is for the ladies who don't qualify for the international model height requirements. And this year, the stunner; Jayme Scott (19) from Roodepoort walked away with the title.

Congratulations to the entire Top Model South Africa team on what was truly a wonderful event. Check out #TMSA18 on social media to see who was posting what!