Wednesday, 3 May 2017


It's been a show that everyone has been dying to see. And after Sunday evening. I know exactly why. Priscilla Queen of the Desert has finally arrived on stage at the Teatro at Montecasino & in all her glory, she is ready to literally blow you away.

3 Drag Queens
1 Battered Bus 
...and the Australian outback?

Doesn't sound like much at 1st, now does that? But don't let that fool you. Well, with over 500 costumes, 200 headdresses, 45 wigs, 120 pairs of shoes & 220 costume changes in EVERY performance. It is pretty straightforward why this show got a full house standing ovation when the curtain closed.

Tick, Bernadette & Adam, 3 very different characters, set off in search of everything they think they will find elsewhere in a performance deep in the Australian outback; little did they know they were going to find a whole lot more. 

Daniel Buys (Tick aka Mitzi Mitosis), David Dennis (Bernadette) & Phillip Schnetler (Adam aka Felicia) are the 3 leading queens & each perfectly played their character to the finest detail. From the Bernadette's voice & subtle movements, to Adams fabulous outbursts that just oozed sex appeal, femininity & confidence & Tick being the less extravagant on of the 3. 

Another favourite part, is when the 3 diva's descend from above singing. Londiwe Dhlomo, Candida Mosoma & Thembeka Mnguni are simply put just fabulous in all their glory & will sure have you in awe with their vocal abilities.

Less is definitely more. No wait. Less is definitely more when talking about the set. Plain & simple & nothing too extravagant for the backdrops... Besides the famous Priscilla that is now. The battered old bus that goes on this adventure & comes alive with colour as the show progresses. She is kitted out with all the essentials for Tick, Bernadette & Adam to take on the open road.

One thing that I think was definitely a great success for the show. The music. Wow! Music that everyone will know & can definitely be singing along to. 
- I will survive.
- Hot Stuff.
- Boogie Wonderland.
- Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.
See... All songs you already know majority of the chorus to. 

I'm going back to have another round of a bit of a razzle with the amazing cast. 

The all South African cast will be on stage at the Teatro at Montecasino until 18 June. This is really one you don't want to miss. And if you don't believe me, go check out the #PriscillaSA on social media & see what everyone else is saying.

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