Wednesday, 15 February 2017


"They fear you, because you are young. They fear you, because you are the future."

What's probably one of this country's most iconic symbols of the struggle for social & political freedom & justice, #Sarafina. The Broadway Hit Musical has been described as a musical experience with the songs performed in the tradition of Mbaqanga, fused with jazz, rhythm and blues & gospel. Set in 1976 during the tension of the Soweto uprisings, it deals with the radicalisation of a young school girl who becomes embroiled in the riots & is then tortured by the South African Police. The Morris Isaacson High School is where all the action takes place & is the backdrop of students revolting against Afrikaans being the main medium of instruction. 

The original play was created in June of 1986, (before I was even born), and premiered at The Market Theatre in Johannesburg in June 1987, with Tony Award winning actress Leleti Khumalo in the lead role of #Sarafina. It was in January 1988 that #Sarafina took Broadway by storm and culminated in a 2 run in New York City & a 5 year tour of the US. What is even more amazing. The South African cast went on a 4 year world tour, after which the stage production was converted into a film starring Whoopie Goldberg. 

2016 marked 30 years of Sarafina & 40 years of the Soweto Uprisings & the production is being funded by the National Department of Arts & Culture, who has urged & encouraged the youth to be a part of the revival of this iconic stage production at the South African State Theatre in Pretoria.

I am sure that this is a stage production that will attract a wide range of audiences to the theatre. Especially with the current challenges that are faced in teh educational system. It will surely help everyone look back & remember the struggles that this country went through to become a democracy & more importance of education.

"You are powerful because you are the generation that will be free."

I'm pretty excited to go see this show. Opening on 28 February 2017 in the Opera Theatre at the South African State Theatre in Pretoria. It is bound to challenge my ideas & thoughts on how things happened back in 1976. With 24 year old, Noxolo Dlamini in the lead for the production. She holds a BA in Dramatic Arts from UP & has her acting career tracks from her childhood, following through high school, when she went to the National School of Arts for 2 years nurturing as an artist. So I believe she is very suited for the role & I look forward to seeing her take on this performance to show us what she's got.

Tickets are available from Computicket here.

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