Monday, 13 February 2017


"A diamond is a diamond, is a diamond, is a diamond." or are they? 

Photo - Kyle Cestari

Recently I attended a quite exclusive launch party at the African Pride Hotel at Melrose Arch for Inception Diamonds. Bubbly on arrival is always much appreciated in my honest opinion. 

With the ultimate combination of elegance & consciousness, Inception Diamonds now have the ability to #CreateForever. The cutting edge technology & expertise now allow them to mimic mother nature & create  a lab-grown diamond.

Photo - Kyle Cestari

I can already see some of you are a bit confused. Let me put it this way. Inception Diamonds now create what we can call a 'man-made' diamond. And now you are thinking, yes, but it's not the same. Well; 'a diamond is a diamond, is a diamond is a diamond' according to the master diamond cutter & Princess-cut creator - Israel "Izzy" Itzkowitz. Optically. Physically. Chemically. A man made diamond is identical to a mined diamond.

Both are 100% carbon. The only difference is where it is made. You wouldn't care if a rose was from someone's garden or grown in a greenhouse now would you?

Photo - Kyle Cestari

A man made diamond moves no earth & produces a minute footprint in comparison to the same diamond, that has been mined. The consumer now has been given the choice that is socially conscious, without giving up the true beauty of a diamond & at the same time inject glamour into the life of a diamond owner, without taking anything away from the earth. Doesn't that just sound so much better?

Still not convinced? Experts approve each diamond, receiving an international certificate from one of the 3 leading & most trust laboratories in the world. On that note, JJ Schoeman, world renowed designer, was there with these lovely ladies all dressed in JJ Schoeman originals & wearing Inception Diamonds. 

Inception Diamonds bring to the table diamonds for everyone's personal preference. 
 - The Classic: White diamond
 - The Adventurous: Yellow diamond
 - The Illustrious: Pink diamond
 - The Royal: Blue diamond
And each of them is 100% conflict free & environmentally friendly.

Photo - Kyle Cestari

Photo - Kyle Cestari

Another added bonus I would say is that these man-made diamonds come at a fraction of the cost of it's mined counterpart. (like 30-40% less... which means you can buy a bigger diamond at the end of the day. Now that is something I'll drink to.)

Each guest was Welcomed to the Diamond Age when walking away with a man made diamond of their own to #CreateForever a memory from the evening. 

Now go and check out Inception Diamonds online:

... and follow the social media buzz using #CreateForever

Photo - Kyle Cestari

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