Monday, 20 February 2017

A Turkish surprise in Norwood awaits

Nestled in somewhat an unconventional spot in Norwood, Johannesburg, lies a Turkish surprise.

On arrival, some authentic Turkish Tea is a lovely refreshment to enjoy as you are seated & have a look at the menu.

Fresh Homemade Baba Ganoush appetizer with a warm pita bread just fills that little hungry spot that you have after the long day out. Roasted on the fire & not burnt on the gas grill as one would usually prepare it traditionally. 

47 on Grant is a Halaal restaurant, so you won't be finding any alcohol served or on their menu. (Actually a refreshing change for a change.) But they have delicious mocktails that will definitely have you wanting more. 

Chick Pea Falafels... In all honesty, I have never bee the biggest fan of chick peas. So I decided to give these falafels a try. Much to my surprise, I eventually ate all 4 on my plate. (A very delicious dish for those vegan friends that usually struggle to find something on any menu.) 

Chicken Wings! Real Proper Chicken Wings. None of those small things that are basted in more sauce than meat. Nice big portions. Crispy. Spicy & full of flavour. 

The Meat Platter... I didn't think it would be this much food. Well, needless to say. It is a lot of food & can easily be shared between 2. A great selection on the plate - Kebab, Kofta, Chicken Sheesh, Lamb & Chicken Pirzola. Served with probably the best condiments/side salads I have had in ages. The Watermelon & Feta is an absolute winner. Fresh & Fruity with that saltiness from the Feta, it works well with the spicy Turkish flavours.

47 on Grant has a speciality that they only have available on a weekend. The Cag Kebab, is basically a horizontally stacked marinated rotating lamb kebab, that is grill in the old fashioned way over an open outdoor fire. Wow. yum. Even if this is the only dish that you go & have for dinner, I would say it is one of those dishes that are just incredible. The lamb is soft & tender. Nice & Juicy with some crispy pieces of lamb fat. (Even now I'm sort of salivating whilst reminiscing about it.)

Finishing off dinner with some Peppermint Tea, cleanses the palate & leaves you refreshed for the drive home. 

The outdoor seating area is a wonderful space to enjoy the summer evenings under the stars whilst having your dinner.

Or moving inside the restaurant would be the perfect space to enjoy the winter evenings.

I'm looking forward to heading to 47 on Grant soon again for another meal & more of that Cag Kebab!

47 On Grant - Turkish Fusion Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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