Monday, 11 January 2016

#HelloRecommends - Part 1


So late last year, early in December, Hello Joburg invited us to join them for their #HelloRecommends evening out in Johannesburg where we could discover what new jewels they had discovered and needed to share with the rest of us.

So on a Thursday evening we headed out to Waterfall Lifestyle Centre in Midrand to a place called Bounce inc. The 'Free Jumping Revolution.'

Now, I am most definitely not the most active person around and I still think, no wait, thought that I was not too unfit. Well. Lets just say that after the 1st 10 minutes I was adjusting my level of fitness to a zero.

However. Bounce was some of the most fun that I have had in ages! Jumping & slam dunking a ball through a basketball hoop - this is something that I have only ever seen happen in movies, never did I even think I'd be attempting to get it done!

Dodgeball... Split into 2 teams and let the games begin. It is actually not as easy as you would expect. Try jumping on a trampoline, picking up a ball & dodging another ball being thrown at you all at the same time. Yes, it is takes some skill.

The Big Bag... Essentially this is like a massive pillow that you land on after taking on some jumps and moves where you can have a safe landing.

Ever wanted to run up the side of a wall? Well, for the brave then headed to 'The Wall' to test out their co-ordination of bouncing on their back and then running up the wall using the high performance trampolines.

Check out Bounce Inc here for more information so that you can plan your bounce today! There is a tuck shop on site for those of you, like me, that need something to quench the thirst and to give me a little sugar rush half way through my Bounce Experience with Hello Joburg.

Thanks to Hello Joburg, specifically Justyn & Bianca Spinner, for the amazing time and for getting my inner child to surface.

Thanks to Jessica Notelo for all these amazing pics!

Go Now and Download the GoHello App here.

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