Wednesday, 16 September 2020

Top 5 Red Wines for Heritage Day

So it's almost Heritage Day! And knowing most South African's this is just another excuse to have a braai. (Well, at least in my house, I never need an excuse to put some lamb chops or a steak on the flames)

And if I'm not having a cold beer, I'm definitely opening a bottle of red wine to enjoy. So I decided to have a quick share of my Top 5 Red Wine picks for this Heritage Day - 24 September 2020, that I'd look at adding to my shopping list this week. 

Sharing them in no real order. Alphabetically always works well, but to be different here they are from Z to A.

An exceptional wine, resulting from a harvest that was smaller than anticipated, yet yielding grapes with distinct flavours. The various varietals - Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot & Malbec; were all matured separately for 12 months in oak barrels. On the nose - ripe red raspberries & creamy toffee with a complement of slight herbaceous & earthy aromas. Always lovely when what you smell carries through onto the palate when tasting. Flavours of blueberries develop as the wine lingers & the acidity keeps the wine fresh the whole way through. 

Paired with Rump Steak & a Creamy Mushroom Sauce.

The youngest on the list, but most definitely ready to drink. Cabernet Sauvignon; globally, being the biggest selling wine, brings a smooth dark chocolate & mocha aroma to the nose. Whilst dark ripe blackcurrant flavours develop on the palate. Again, it's ready to drink - a nice silky smooth finish & mouth-feel. 

Paired with everything Shisa Nyama, (Especially the lamb chops)

One of those real Stellenbosch Cab Sauv's. Ripe red fruits - berries, strawberries & cherries initially hit the nose, followed by slight cigar notes & then a touch of freshness. Some tight tannins on the palate accompanied by black & red fruits, with a touch of liquorice that comes through nice & soft. A beautiful wine with some serious aging potential. 

Paired with a Pepper Crusted Fillet.

A magnificent dark purple in the glass. But when the light touches it just right, you'll see flashes of deep crimson. A 75% Syrah & 25% Grenache blend that gives you a nose of ripe black olives that are complemented by a some white pepper. On the palate, leaning towards a very well full-bodied blend that has intense flavours of ripe plums, spices & an elegant smokiness that adds some mystery. The acidity is just right & is going to give you fantastic aging ability on this bottle.

Paired with Steak (with some extra fat) & Curried Beans.

A Bordeaux blend for the books. The 5 varietals are harvested from 9 Blaauwklippen sites & knowing the aging takes place in oak barrels lets you know you're in for a treat. Enticing notes of dark plums & warm dark chocolate pudding fill your glass whilst hinting at a bit of a cigar box. A surprisingly vibrant palate, that lends itself to smooth, velvety texture. Something between a full & medium bodied wine for me, but has a beautiful lasting aftertaste. Another bottle that will do well being kept for a few years. 

Paired with the Malva Pudding for Dessert.

What's on your braai this Heritage Day? And more importantly, what will you be pairing it with? 

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