Thursday, 12 April 2018

De Hoek Country Hotel

Once you pass over this bridge, a tranquil little spot in the Magaliesburg awaits you, that will transport you to a place of ultimate relaxation.

By now you all know that I get super happy when served with fresh cold bubbly on arrival & checking in. And just that happens when you arrive at De Hoek Country Hotel.

Ushered off to enjoy a spa treatment under the trees, next to the river is bound to have you relaxing after a quick 45 min drive from Johannesburg in no time. Opting for a foot massage & a neck & shoulder was just what the Dr ordered. 

Surprise. Surprise. A High G&T was next on the agenda. Surrounded by nature & outside buildings that remind you of an old English country manor. This is the epitome of #CountryLuxury. 

When you get there, you best ask Oupa to whip you up a special G&T with a gin from their extensive gin menu. You can even add your own choice of botanicals, or just trust Oupa & he will bring you the best. 

An array of delectable treats & snacks to enjoy are prepared freshly for the occasion, & there's definitely something for every palate to enjoy. 

De Hoek also prepares a picnic basket filled with a selection of treats for you to enjoy under the trees on the lush green lawn.

Off to find my room... As soon as I walked in, I knew I wasn't going to want to leave. High ceilings with exposed trusses finished off beautifully in an elegant white & grey, again epitomises #CountryLuxury. 

It was almost time to start getting ready for dinner, but I decided that this is where I was going to sit for a while, sipping on another G&T just enjoying the tranquil surroundings whilst taking in the view.

Dinner was just a 5-star experience on it's own, & so I've decided that it won't be done enough justice including it in this write up. So, if you are as intrigued as I think you are, check out the De Hoek Country Hotel dinner experience here.

After dinner, being completely satisfied & feeling good, it was time to call it a night. That is, until I got back to the room & I opened my door to this romantic setting.

I was not going to waste any water & who I am to say no to a bath. A bubble bath with a rubber duck and all, just rounded off the day of relaxation perfectly.

Good Morning from De Hoek Country Hotel...

A perfect getaway for a romantic break that is a quick drive out of town & will have you feeling refreshed & relaxed in no time.


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