Friday, 9 March 2018

Kievits Kroon - #FairCityEscape

A lil piece of Franschhoek right here in Pretoria. That's the way I've decided to describe Kievits Kroon. Rightly so, as it has been acknowledged as "the Winelands in Gauteng" due to the Cape Dutch-style architecture. And only a quick 20min drive from the Menlyn area makes it so accessible.

Kievits Kroon is situated on a tranquil 16-hectare country estate & has offerings for the whole family, provided that they are over 14 years old. (Also in my mind, making it a perfect romantic getaway destination.)

Upon arrival on the estate, you travel through an avenue of trees that stretch out, and at the end, you can see some of the old Cape Dutch styled buildings peeking through. I was pretty much blown away at how beautiful this estate is. Long stretching lawns of green grass & bright white buildings. I immediately forgot that I was still in Pretoria as I felt like I was down in Franschhoek.

One thing that I love when checking in at any hotel, is when you are treated like a VIP & as if you are their most important guest. To top that off, you are ushered to the 41 Library Bar for a welcoming drink of your choice. Much to my surprise, they already had a glass of bubbly waiting for me. (Bonus Point.)

A quick drive down to my room.
So, Kievits Kroon is know for their luxurious accommodation. And they sure did not disappoint. 
Modern, sophisticated, yet homely large rooms that have all the luxury necessities that you would need. (I spot more bubbly on ice out of the corner of my eye... Yay!)

Off I ventured to the chill next to the pool & grab a bite to eat. The menu next to the pool has bits of everything on & will definitely cater for pretty much anything you feel like when you are peckish. 

It's calm & quiet. A perfect place to relax & read a book or just sip on a G&T with some mates as the afternoon unfolds.

Right, so the dinner. You won't find anything in this article about my visit to Granita for dinner. And no, it's not because I don't want to mention it. It's because it was that great that it needs its very own article.

I was blown away. Check out my dinner experience at Granita here.

Anyway; so after dinner, feeling very full, off I wander back to the room & once I walk in, I find that the room has been turned down & it's a beautiful romantic setting.

I mean, how cute....

What a great night rest. You know, when the bedding is just so soft & silky & comfortable. You end up in dreamland the moment you get in that bed. 

So the property has 142 luxury en-suite rooms, all with TV & complimentary WiFi. (The only problem I experienced over my entire stay, was that the WiFi wouldn't connect everywhere on the property. But lets be honest, when you are surrounded by such a beautiful setting, you don't need to be connected 24/7.)

All in all. What an incredible stay. 

Check out their website:
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