Thursday, 22 February 2018

Thomas Sabo - #GenerationCC

A new look & design for the Charm Club.
Reinventing & Revolutionising the world of the Charm.

Combining High Fashion; Enthusiasm for Jewellery & your Personality resulted in the new Thomas Sabo collection with around 260 restyled sterling silver, 18k gold plated & natural material Charm designs. 

Cool vintage stylistics, extra-large Charms, seductive single earrings as well as a wealth of different carriers, including necklaces, bracelets & hinged hoops. Will definitely ignite a collector's passion for new & untold combination options to set trends for spring/summer 2018.

The new Charms are perfectly suited to modern layering styles with a variety of different sizes, structures & textures and are bound to create powerful jewellery creations which capture the collectors' individuality.

What is probably my favourite selection of Charms come from the iconic Rebel at Hearts designs which have now joined the Charm Club for the very first time under the "Vintage Rebel" category. Definitely making some serious eye catching Charm looks for both Him & Her. 

The Sterling Silver collection with an unprecedented intensity of colour & individual look. This range extends from artistic, tropically mythical motifs through to edgy wearable hinged hoops, creating quite a diverse collection, where contrasts combine to form a treasure trove of richly detailed pieces.

The new range is out & available in stores & online at
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