Friday, 1 December 2017


Savings on the Enjoyable & Unavoidable...

Lets be honest now. We all just love to get in on a bargain & save a few extra bucks where we can. And in this economic climate, I can say that I definitely am one that needs to save more & spend less. But also, I love going out for dinner & drinks or to the spa. (All the more expensive things in life...*sigh*)

But then... Earlier in 2017 I discovered The Entertainer! It's a lifestyle app that brings you thousands of offers at restaurants, bars, spas, beauty salons, leisure activity sites, retail & service stores, and hotels worldwide... They are available 7 days a week (excluding public holidays), all year round.

Now what are these offers you ask? Essentially, restaurants have a 'buy-one-get-one-free' offer... So if you redeem the voucher for that restaurant, it means that you will get to enjoy a complimentary meal, when a meal of equal or great value is purchased.
Hair Treatments, Mani's & Pedi's, Massages.
A visit to Bounce Inc or the local Driving Range, Ice Rink or Museum.
Photo shoots & prints.
Tailoring & Dry cleaning.
Even a few free night stays at hundred of Hotels in SA & across the globe. 

The offers are endless. Are you starting to do the Math? If not, I think you should. You can literally save thousands of Rand's with all these offers.

Quick fact. Did you know that worldwide, ENTERTAINER users have saved over R870 Million over the last year... (I'll let that sink in.) For SA, you can get the app for Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria & Durban. 

If you are not sold yet... How easy is it to use the ENTERTAINER app you ask...
Check it out.

1. Locate your ENTERTAINER App

 2. Open the ENTERTAINER App

3. Select your location.

4. Select your category.

 5. Browse through the hundreds of offers.

 6. Make your selection.

7. Check out the specific offering.

8. Click on Redeem.

 9. Enter your Pin.

 10. Have the Manager enter his Pin.

11. And you are done...

A few nights ago, we attended the JHB launch at the Parkers Comedy Club at Montecasino. A night filled with good food & drink & even better laughs.

Entertained by the likes of out emcee, Martin Davis, who has such energy & bounced across the stage & his attention flipping from table to table in the audience he had us all in hysterics. 

Other comedians for the night included Alyn Adams & Kedibone Muluadzi. And what a laugh it was.

So if you are like me & you love to save some extra cash to spend on something else, then you need to get on it and download the ENTERTAINER app here from the iStore & here from Google Play. 

And if you do it now... you can get it for only R295.00 instead of R495.00 here, giving you a saving of R200.00 already... (Tempting isn't it?)


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