Monday, 10 April 2017


What is a Saturday without a bit of Gin? (pretty damn boring if you ask me...)

So I was legit pretty excited to be invited to join Gordon's Gin for their leGINdary #GordonsLegends event at the Copper Bar in Bryanston. (This is quite the cool venue, not cool as in cold, but cool as in epic as it was rather hot on this summer day & the views over JHB are definitely something to see.)

The concept, pretty simple. In order to create legendary moments & connections with other #GordonsLegends, each person would get a different armband at the door to start off with & then you would have to find someone else at the event, with the same armband as yours & then only would you be able to go to the bar & get your next drink. In this, you automatically start up a conversation with a random & make a new connection. 

By the end of the party, you should have at least tried all 6 the Gordon's Gin cocktails that were on offer. (The Bramble was definitely my favourite for the day)

The afternoon went down pretty well with lots of Gordon's Gin & Food specifically curated for us by the the #GordonsLegend "Foodie Influencer" JoziFoodWhore in collaboration with Vicky Crease catering. 



For some reason I totally forgot to actually snap up some proper pic of the other food. (I may have been that hungry that I got lost in the moment when it arrived. But it was all really good.) There were these Smoked Salmon Mini Bagels, which were to die for, oh, and a mixture of Gorgonzola & Pear in a Phyllo pastry pocket. Yum!

The truffles. The truffles. These were incredible. I may have had one of every flavour. (And before you judge, it was my cheat day, so no, I didn't feel guilty.)

I loved how there where photographer moving through the crowd snapping up pics as the event went on & we'd get sent a link via sms to download our pic immediately. 

What is a day like this, not shared with friends & other #GordonsLegends?

All in All. This was a leGINdary day out. I'm hoping to be a #GordonsLegend at the next party.

Check out the #GordonsLegends on social media to see what else went down.

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