Friday, 16 December 2016

and on the 4th Day of Christmas...

Did you know? It has been said that Cleopatra, Queen of ancient Egypt, bathed in donkey milk to preserve the beauty & youth of her skin. Legends tell that it took around 700 donkeys to fill up her bath tub daily.

The Donkey Dairy is a 1st of it's kind in the country after kicking off in 2012. Situated on a quaint plot of land in Randfontein. Jesse & Zak have refined the milking process to produce the highest quality donkey milk. This donkey milk is used to produce high quality, all natural Donkey Milk Skin Care products, which is a first in the South African health & beauty industry. 

The idea was to preserve a rare bloodline of blue eyed spotted donkeys which are native to SA. So donkeys in places of misery had been bought & rehabilitated personally by Zak & Jesse and by October 2016, they had rehabilitated & rehomed over  250 donkeys. It was whilst working with theses animals that they started researching the health & beauty benefits of donkey milk. From aiding in the treatment of skin ailments such as eczema, psoriasis & acne to being used as a substitute milk for babies with milk allergies.

Early in 2016 The Donkey Dairy's range of Natural skin care products was launched. I have now had the opportunity to make use of these products myself & test them out. It is not often that I would rave or even endorse such products. However. I was blown away at the effects of using these items had on my skin within the space of just a week. 

You should definitely go & check out The Donkey Dairy online & visit their online store to see what other amazing products they have here:

The ideal Christmas present! The Donkey Dairy hamper consists of these items & that is why it's on my #12DoCwithLloyd list this year.
- 100 g Natural Donkey Milk Soap
- 30 ml Rejuvenating Night Cream
- 30 ml Nourishing Day Cream
- 200 ml Natural Liquid Soap
- 50 ml Revitalising Hand Cream

It is that time again & I get to play Santa Claus today. Thanks to The Donkey Dairy, Zak & Jesse, I will be giving away a The Donkey Dairy hamper to 2 lucky readers this Christmas.

How to enter:
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Good Luck!

Winners will be announced on 25th of December 2016.

Oh! And keep your eyes on the my social media & blog, there are more giveaways coming your way in the next few days leading up to Christmas.

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