Wednesday, 31 August 2016

The Green Peppercorn Bistro

A taste of tasting plates...

I have now been to the Green Peppercorn 3 times in the space of one month and I can promise you that I will be going there a few times more in the near future.

We attended an Exclusive Dinner hosted by Liz Ferrett a.k.a. @Fragrance_Queen at the Green Peppercorn. Upon arrival, we were served a Sauvignon Blanc Sparkling Wine from D'Aria Winery called "Pop Song." Now, I am not the biggest fan of a Sparkling Wine. However, this was very refreshing with crisp fine bubble much resembling a MCC. Fruity & Fresh.

No sneak preview of our menu for the evening to get the taste buds working, just a welcome note and information for the eve to help us get trending on Twitter. #GreenPeppercorn & #FragranceQueen both were trending during the night.

To start the evening off, we had a tasting plate of starters with a Lamb Samosa with a Mint Mayo, Mushroom Spring Rolls & Thai Fish Cakes. For some reason I have developed a liking to mushrooms in the last year of my life and so the spring rolls were a real treat for me. The samosa is another favourite. Shredded flavourful lamb is paired very well with the mint mayo.

Another tasting plate for mains. Sea Bass. Pork Belly. Prawn Stack. I generally don't eat Pork. But this evening I thought I may just give it a go. I was pleasantly surprised at the wonderful flavours that come through and that the belly was cooked to just the right texture where the fat was not too much like jelly, but also had a nice crispy bite to it. Unfortunately my portion of the Sea Bass was under-cooked.
However, this is something that I totally understood. We were a table of almost 30 people and literally everyone's food came out of the kitchen at the same time. So it was just my luck (or lack thereof) that I got the one that was slightly under-cooked. From what everyone else at the table was saying it was delicious. (I returned to The Green Peppercorn a few days later just to try out the Sea Bass for myself and this time it came out of the kitchen perfectly cooked & soft, the meat sliding apart left me glad that I went back to try it again.)

Our main meals for the evening had all been paired with some great wine choices from Almenkerk & Lothian Vineyards from the Grabouw region.

Dessert time... Really only one dessert stood out for me on this occasion. The Popcorn Cheesecake. At first I was unsure how one would get a fridge cheese cake to have flavours resembling popcorn. But at the first taste, my mouth was filled with a light, soft & creamy mixture that was heavenly and I couldn't believe it. It actually tasted exactly like a salted caramel popcorn. This dessert is not always on the menu and I do hope that they make it a permanent addition soon. (I really need to taste it again soon!)

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