Friday, 5 August 2016

The Biggest Snow Show


For those of you who have not yet heard, but #SlavasSnowShow is in town and boy will it blow your mind.

It is not easy to describe the performance and to tell you what the story is about really. So there is a clown, who goes on an adventure. And as the audience you get to travel with him and encounter all the interesting individuals and characters that he meets along the way.

There is no actual talking, but some mumbling and foreign words that you can make out. Instead, the show is told through the actions, facial expressions and music. Think back to what a Charlie Chaplin movie was like. This time, imagine it is a live performance of that movie & it is in colour with surround sound and you are in the show.

From songs like Mas Que Nada to O Fortuna the musical score is there to take you on a journey of emotions as you sit in bewilderment watching things evolve on stage in front of you. This is a rather interactive show with characters walking off the stage and into the audience, over and on the chairs. Then promptly opening water bottles and "making it rain" right there where you are sitting.

I never thought that I would sit inside an actual theatre and experience a snow storm along with every other theatre goer in attendance. You hear the wind and suddenly everything goes dark and with the bang of the O Fortuna, a bright light hits you from the front and there is a gush of wind from off the stage and it literally snows and you are part of this incredible theatrical display.

One thing I would most definitely say is that you need to be open-minded when coming to watch this. This is not your ordinary musical or theatre production. This is a theatrical experience that will bring out your inner child. (After the show, I was laying in the "snow" on the theatre floor having the time of my life playing like a little boy, throwing the "snow" in the air and making "snow" angels.) I think that children would love this show purely because they would watch it out of a different viewpoint as an adult. We tend to over-complicate things. So just watch it and watch it the way like a child would watch.

You seriously should not miss out on this opportunity to see this. On stage at Montecasino in Johannesburg until 14 August and then in Cape Town at the Artscape Opera House from the 17th to the 28th of August. You can get your tickets at Computicket.

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