Friday, 26 August 2016


'Kaalkop' is back...

Nataniël has been in the industry for over 2 decades and is truly a South African icon on stage and screen. I have always been a fan of the 'Kaalkop' and thoroughly his performances. Now Nataniël has returned to the stage in the Theatre of Marcellus at Emperors Palace and will be on stage until 25 September 2016 in #Mannequin.

This is a production which tells the story, in English & Afrikaans, of an author who plays with the idea of writing a book about the life of tailor and his reclusive lifestyle. Now #Mannequin is the story that is told by this tailor. If you are a Nataniël fan, you know that his productions are always full of surprises which are full of fear, cruelty, humour, truth and a bit of fantasy. #Mannequin is exactly that! And what is a Nataniël show without a few of his creative stories of people of his past.

Nataniël surprises theatre-goers with a few of his own versions of some of the world's best known songs from the late sixties and eighties. His rendition of Prince's - Purple Rain is just incredible.

Every little detail on that stage is crafted to perfection. The lights are in the perfect positions. They don't shine a mere centimetre off from exactly where they need to be. The movement of props on stage happen without you knowing it and within the few seconds where the stage lights go off & on again, the stage is transformed and Nataniël is in a new extravagant costume, designed by the multi award-winning designer Floris Louw. The decor and props on stage are extravagant in true Nataniël fashion and just add that extra bit of something on stage.

Nataniël shares the stage with some of his long-time fellow musicians: Charl du Plessis, Juan Oosthuizen, Werner Spies & Hugo Radyn and singers: Nicolaas Swart & Dihan Slabbert. (The scene where they perform Purple Rain is beautiful!)

A word of warning. Do not even take your phone out during the production. Nataniël will single you out and make you feel like an idiot in front of the entire theatre. (It's the funniest thing ever and honestly, it is amazing when no one in that entire theatre has a cellphone light shining up into their face and they can enjoy the show.)

Tickets available for the 90 minute show at Computicket or on

Oh, there is an age restriction of No Under 15's. (Yes, it is Nataniël and he does use words that will make you blush.)

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