Monday, 24 August 2015

#PinterestPickOfTheWeek 24-08-2015

So I think I am addicted to Pinterest and I thought, why not share with you the things that I find each week in my new series...
#PinterestPickOfTheWeek aka #PPOTW

(mind the pun... if you can PICK it up)

Since it feels like summer is basically here, I thought I would start in some of the items that I think you would find in my wardrobe.

JUMP SUIT... I have been wanting to get my hands on one of these since seeing Thabo Bling put one on the runway in his #SS15 collection at #SAFW earlier this year.
Joggers. You need to realise that these are here to stay and you can embrace that fact. Paired with a formal pair of shoes, you can pull of a smarter look.
A good denim is always a must. There are multiple ways that you can wear a pair of jeans this coming summer. Paired with simple colours it will ensure a classic casual look.
No need to be afraid of prints. Keeping it casual with some polka dots.  
A few funky button-up shirts that go well with those denims and with some shorts.
Best get yourself a hat from Simon and Mary to complete this look.
Spectacles & Loafers. #StyleOnFleek

Have a great week! And remember to be YOU!

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