Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Tomato? No Zomato...

Have you found yourself sitting at home and wanting to go out? However you find yourself unsure of what restaurant to go to or where to go get takeaways. Then you always end up sticking with your usual choice because you know it is "safe" and you know what to expect and what you will be getting for the money you paid.

Where is the adventure in eating out and looking to find new and exciting places to try and discover new dishes that could possibly blow your taste buds away? 

I discovered this app called Zomato. No, not Tomato! That is no spelling mistake. You read right. Zomato! 

Again, I like using pictures in my articles. So, here is what Zomato is all about and what they offer.

So what basically happens is that when you log in on the app or the website, you set your location or if you are fancy, it uses your gps and automatically locates where you are.

You then have various options to 'filter' restaurants in order to find some new and exciting restaurant that you have never heard of to try tonight for a family dinner, tomorrow for a business breakfast or on Saturday for a lunch with friends. It does not matter what type of place you are looking for you can filter according to the 'time of day' eating orders by using a quick search. With the click of a button a whole list of restaurants that are in your area will pop up and you then have a further option for filters: popularity, location, cuisine, establishment type, approximate costs for two, alcohol, outdoor seating, credit cards, WiFi and generators for those nights you are sitting in the dark suffering from loadshedding and need to feed the family. Your options are endless. 

Finally found a restaurant that you like and you want to find out more. Click on it. Its like a mini website for the restaurant that opens.
The contact numbers of the restaurant. A map with the exact location. Images of the actual menu's. Photographs of the restaurant and of their food.

And the best part. Reviews of the restaurant by actual people that have visited there and haven't been wined and dined by the owner or the manager just to write a good review. This gives you a true reflection of what some people think about the restaurant. No biased opinions. If a person wishes, they can rate their experience out of 5.
Therefore after reading a few of these reviews one quickly gets an idea of what to expect from that specific restaurant and then proceed to decide on whether or not to try it out or move on to the next listing.

In the side bar next to the restaurant details, Zomato provides you with a list of restaurants that have a similar vibe or similar menu to that one which you are having a look at, at present. So you basically have so much information about so many restaurants right at the tips of your fingers which can lead you to make an informed decision about where you are heading out to have your new culinary experience.

Have a great time? Or you find that your experience was not as pleasant as you had hoped, you can write your very own review on a restaurant and help out other people who are in need of making a decision on which restaurant to choose.
Like a review? You can favourite it and build up your own list of favourites and best restaurants. You can follow individuals that are foodies and that have provided you with useful reviews to keep up to date with their latest culinary experiences. 

So if you are someone like me who just loves eating out and keeping the kitchen clean, but tired of going to the same old restaurant over and over and in need of a new adventure into the amazing restaurants that are in your area. Go have a look at this website and download the app on your phone for when you are sitting at work and wondering what's for dinner tonight. It's the best restaurant directory in the palm of your hand.

Check them out on the Web: www.zomato.co.za
They are on Twitter: @ZomatoSA
Facebook: Zomato

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