Sunday, 10 August 2014

Tannie Evita Bezuidenhout

Evita & Co

Known to most of South Africa as the most famous white woman in South Africa. Tannie Evita Bezuidenhout has captivated crowds since the early 80's. The white afrikaner and political activist and former ambassadress of Bapetikosweti who now uses her socialite status to criticise the South African Government through her use of satirical humour.

The new show on stage in the Theatre of Marcellus at Emperors Palace takes us on a journey of her life and the characters she grew up with. From our very own radical past presidents to her equally social status climbing 'friend', Nowell Fine. Even the one and only Desmond Tutu makes his appearance on stage in his purple 'dress' as Pieter Dirk Uys refers to it. You don't stop laughing from the moment he sets foot on stage! Joke after joke after joke, he captivates the audience and makes sure that your attention is on him 100% of the time.

On Women's Day, 9 August, the audience was in for a treat when Tannie Evita interviewed Zelda la Grange on stage about her book entitled 'Good Morning Mr Mandela.'

What a lovely surprise when after the show I had the opportunity of meeting the fabulous Tannie Evita herself.

The bigger surprise was that Zelda la Grange gave up some of her precious time and signed my copy of her story with a bit of a message along with that! 

Special word of thanks must go to B-Sharp Entertainment for getting me tickets and experiencing the show and all the characters that I met along the way!

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