Sunday, 10 August 2014



Fashion is what you buy.
Style is what you do with it.

The corridor outside the new Flagship store of CSquared in the newly renovated Rosebank Mall was abuzz with people's laughter and chatter whilst the odd camera flash would catch your eye. You could feel the excitement in the air as we stood around catching up and sipping on a Peroni and F.Vodka from Michel Adams on the rocks.

Who better than comedian Marc Lottering to be the MC for the evening. With his witty and sharp comments and jokes he had the crowd eager to get the show going.

A few words from Mark Gooding on the opening of the store and the journey that it has been to get here.
My own ensemble consisted of Zara, Topman and Aldo.

 Some local flavour entertainment for the evening was from @SpeedyTheGift @stoanito and @KingJayBeatz and @lection


The music slows...

The lights dim and inside the store we see some movement...

Models from Alushi Models strut their stuff and pose in the window followed by a walk about in front of the crowd as to showcase the brand new unique and stylish outfits that will go on sale. Perfection in every aspect and tailored in the most intricate detail. 

The store's doors officially open to the public and majority of the crowd flocks in to have a look see at the suits and accessories close up. 

Some of my favourites items...

 My favourite piece! Just love this jacket and it fits like a glove!

This colourful paisley design was absolutely captivating.

To end the great night out and I mean, what is a night out at a fashion event without a little goodie-bag filled with some CSquared merchandise. Looking forward to sporting my new classic CSquared Bow Tie!

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