Monday, 3 June 2019

#ExploreEmerald - A Visit to the Vaal

On a Friday afternoon, I found myself in my car with friends heading out towards the Vaal. And just a short 1 hour drive, we arrived at Emerald Casino and Resort to a very warm & friendly welcome in the hotel reception as they were eagerly awaiting our arrival. 

Lets just say that Emerald Casino & Resort is definitely a great spot to visit, whether it's on your own or with your partner, friends or family. There is more than enough that will keep you entertained for the weekend. 

Hotel rooms are spacious & comfortable. Whilst being equipped with pretty much everything that you'd need, you'll find a Nespresso machine, extra pillows, USB charging points & a bath that deserves a bubble bath every night! And out at the pool, well that's where I spent one afternoon finishing off a bottle of wine. 

But there are more accommodation options available at Emerald Casino & Resort just by the way. There is the Bush Lodge which host log cabins & is tucked away in the woods. And there is even more accommodation for the whole family when the budget is tight & you prefer the self-catering route when you're out & about at the River Resort Chalets. So they really do seem to cater for everyone & at every moment of the month. 

Remember I said that Emerald Casino is a spot for the whole family? Well, there is so much to do. The entertainment centre sports the AquaDome with indoor pools & play areas. A proper indoor waterpark. You'll also find a games arcade & a ten-pin bowling alley, or you may even try your luck at a round of Putt-Putt. And when you get hungry, there are a few spots to kick it back & enjoy a bite to eat on the property. Ooh! Before I forget, if you're one for wildlife, then you should pop in at the Animal Park to see some animals from South Africa & abroad. 

I opted for dinner at High Stakes, which is situated in the casino itself. This means that it's an adult only restaurant. (This is something I know a few people do prefer.) It's a bit more of a 'finer' dining spot with a very impressive wine list at even more impressive prices! Definitely a big selling point for me. 

With menu options ranging from meat & fish to vegetarian options. You'll have difficulty making up your mind when having to make a decision. (I know I did both nights I ate there.) 
 Beef Fillet on a bed of Mash with Garlic Sauce. Deep Fried Calamari. Baked Camembert with Fresh Bread. Gorgonzola Escargot. Just a few of the dishes that were sampled. 

And naturally ending off dinner with a something sweet - Malva Pudding or even a Cold Chocolate Fondant.  

What better way than to end off your weekend on a river boat cruise, maybe even listen to a bit of Tina? The liquid lounge boat cruise that takes you down the Vaal is really a relaxing way to spend the afternoon enjoying a buffet style lunch whilst taking in the live music & scenic views. 

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