Friday, 22 June 2018

#WineRoutingWithLloyd - Jordan Wine Estate

Visiting in Stellenbosch simply means you need to find those wine estates that really just resonate with you... And one of those estates is Jordan Wine Estate. (Purely because of the incredible Chardonnay that they produce.)

I think what you need to understand about this estate is that they have slopes facing North, East, South & West. And vineyards lying between 160 & 410 meters above sea level. An they are exposed to both the Indian & Atlantic Ocean. Now this creates a perfect Mediterranean climate for growing grapes of great quality. 

2 of my favourites from this wine farm that I'm suggesting you try are the Unoaked Chardonnay & The Outlier (Sauvignon Blanc). Don't get me started on the reserve & vintage wines, because that is a completely different story for a different day. 

To understand the wine, you need to understand the cellar in my opinion. On a tour through the cellar, you get a feeling of both very modern & the old school ways of making wine, using stainless steel tanks & barrels. Whilst making use of a gravity flow system & natural cooling. 

As they put it; "The Jordan cellar - a perfect environment to transform exceptional fruit into world-class wine."

There is also a private tasting room downstairs in the vinoteque cellar which is exclusively used for vintage tastings. It's absolutely beautiful down there. I can just imagine on a summer evening being down there sipping on some of their special wines. 

Check out Jordan Wines here.


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