Friday, 1 June 2018

#WineRoutingWithLloyd - Flagstone Wines

En-route back to Cape Town from Hermanus, I could not give up the chance to pop in at Flagstone Wines when passing through Somerset West. I mean, you all know that I do enjoy my Flagstone Wines. 

But also, when I popped in there, little did I know that they have a new & unique tasting experience, that will leave you popping with excitement. The PopArt wine pairing at Flagstone includes tasting 4 of their wines & pairing them with popcorn.

Definitely not something that you have heard of before right? Well see, that's also why I love Flagstone Wines. They are consistently thinking out of the box to come up with new & fresh ideas to keep up with changing markets, but also to be different & not do the conventional pairing options that you find at so many other wineries. 

On this pairing you get to taste:

 - Free Run Sauvignon Blanc, paired with Cinnamon & Sea Salt popcorn. The Free Run is a nice fresh & crisp sauvignon blanc that is a gorgeous pale straw colour, with a hint or 2 of a lime green when held up to the light. On the nose, surprisingly intense but those green peppers & lime come through strong & steady for me. Every now & then I get a bit of passion fruit too. The nose follows through to the palate, a nice crisp mouth feel with a very nice balance and lingering taste.

 - Word of Mouth Voignier, paired with Cape Malay Curry popcorn. A glass of wine that is gold in colour & gives you white peaches & summer fruits on the nose, which all come through on the palate, but then there is a touch of spiciness. Nice easy drinking, yet complex, medium bodied wine with a fresh acidity & works incredibly well with the Cape Malay Curry spice. I can't wait to try this wine out at home with a proper curry.

- Dragon Tree Cape Blend, paired with Brown Onion & Clove popcorn. A rich ruby red colour fills the glass & sure will give you a whole lot of complex notes on the nose. But lets break it down. Ripe dark red & purple sweet & spicy fruits coming through strong. Then don't be surprised when you smell a bit of mint too. In the mouth, a soft yet crisp & fresh wine with a mouth full of those fruits that linger just right afterwards. 

 - Treaty Tree Red Reserve, paired with Minted Coco & Sea Salt popcorn. Another deep ruby red glass, but on the nose you get ripe strawberries & cherries. A creamy finish on the palate finishes of the bordeaux blend very well with flavours of mint & ripe red fruits. The minted coco & sea salt worked so well with the wine, enhancing those mint aspects that came through, as well as the sea salt bringing out the flavours of the red berries.

Then I also just had to taste the Dark Horse Shiraz. (You see all those stickers on there, yes, they are are there for a reason & you won't want to miss out on tasting this beauty.)

Dark, rich, ripe plum colour. With blackcurrants & black fruits filling your nose with a slight bit of spicy undertones. A bit of a complex wine on the nose & the palate, as it is a full bodied red that is smooth & silky yet it has so much character. Then those black fruits & dark chocolate linger on the plate as you savour your sip. 

Exciting things happening with Flagstone Wines & #WineRoutingWithLloyd for this coming Father's Day guys... Check it out here. (You can win yourself a bottle of something real special.)

Check out Flagstone Wines here.

#WineRoutingWithLloyd was driven by Ford, in the all new Ford Kuga.

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