Tuesday, 26 June 2018

#WineRoutingWithLloyd - Clos Malverne

So if you've ever heard of Clos Malverne, then you would probably have heard that they do an Ice Cream & Wine Pairing... At 1st thought, you may think that it is odd & how on earth can you pair ice cream & wine? Well, this is an experience that will definitely leave you mind blown. 

This type of pairing is exactly what I was on the lookout for. Something so unique & well worth it, that when you're in the Stellenbosch area, this is probably the 1st thing that I suggest you put onto your itinerary for your 1st stop. 

Clos Malverne - Sauvignon Blanc Brut.
Lemongrass, Litchi & Chilli.

Fruity deliciousness with a bit of bite. At first bite, the obvious sweetness, but then as the mouthful melts, a slight bit of heat. The Brut has a few tropical flavours coming through & the litchi compliments them quite well. Since a Sauvignon Blanc is usually slightly more acidic, it helped with the cleansing of the palate of that heat from the chilli & you are left to enjoy that crisp & refreshing aftertaste as it lingers.

Clos Malverne - Cabernet Shiras.
Gingerbread, Cranberry & White Chocolate.

Sultry & tinged with a balancing tartness. The Cabernet Shiraz is a full bodied wine with aromas of rich, ripe red fruits. Then those cranberries are just beautifully complimented by the red fruits. The wine ending with a bit more of a spicy finish is balanced well with a sharp mouthful of gingerbread flavours. 

Clos Malverne - Le Cafe Pinotage.
Parsnip, Saffron, Salted Caramel & Pumpkin Seeds. 

I won't lie, I am not the biggest fan of a 'coffee-style' wine. However, this pairing is done so well. The way the salted caramel in the ice cream brings out the intense roasted coffee flavours is so well balanced. There is a slight bit of a smokey undertone to the wine, which is interestingly highlighted by the pumpkin seeds. 

Clos Malverne - Honeydew
Orange, Gluhwein & Star Aniseed.

Probably my favourite ice cream from the day! Just imagine. Spicy & Aromatic from the gluhwein & star aniseed, which enhance the floral notes on the wine. Then with a touch of that mouthful of citrus that breaks the spiciness at the right moment. A nice smooth & slightly syrupy wine that is complimented by the velvety texture of the ice cream. 

Let your visit to Clos Malverne start off looking like this...

... and end like this!

Check out Clos Malverne here.

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