Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Samsung #GalaxyS9 - #Unpacked

So I have been an IOS user for pretty much the last 10 years & now, I've gotten the opportunity to put my skills of adapting to change to use on using Android... In the form of the newly #unpacked Samsung Galaxy S9 for the last 2 weeks now. (I won't lie, I'm still struggling making the move from IOS to Android, but it does get a bit easier every day.)

Lets be honest, the way in which we use our phones have changed a whole lot over the last few years. No longer only for phone calls & SMS's but we live in a much more virtual online life now where we spend most of the time looking at our phone & not with a phone against our ear. 

At first glance, the Samsung Galaxy S9, doesn't look like much of an upgrade from its predecessor, the S8. Samsung decided to stick to the design, but make it a whole lot sturdier, faster & more useful for day-to-day activities. I've mostly used mine for taking some pictures, so that's mainly what I tend to look for in a phone, is what people have to say about the camera.

The camera reimagined...

Probably the best thing about this phone is the camera. I'm loving the way I get to use the single-sensor 12MP camera. The biggest upgrade from what I understand is that the sensor can now switch between lower & higher apertures, (technically meaning that you can take still take great shots in really low lighting & in really bright lighting). And improvements to the sensor so that it can analyse & improve images more effectively.

The low light pictures are pretty cool, and as a feature not seen before on a camera phone, it is impressive. Just don't expect a crystal clear image as you usually would when you've been shooting on the auto mode. 

In addition, they have added/redefined the photography modes, giving you a chance to get a wider variety style of shots. Something that does bother me, is that you can't zoom in whilst using some of these modes. One of my favourites is the selective focus & how you can jump between a near & far focus on the same image. 

The selfie camera, coming in at 8MP is a treat resulting in high quality shots & with the panorama selfie setting you can now successfully get more people in the shot without extending your arm out of it's socket. You can also now create your very own AR Emoji that is supposed to look like you & can imitate your facial movements. A very cool feature, but sadly, it doesn't pic up all of my beard, and well, that's pretty much a trademark of mine, so my AR Emoji, looks like me back just after leaving high school.

The S9 has been released in a range of colours. Midnight Black, Titanium Grey, Coral Blue & Lilac Purple. 

Image result for s9 colours

So far I have been pretty impressed with the phone overall & it is a very impressive phone. But it will set you back a good few rands, starting from R15,499 for the S9 & R17,499 for the S9+. 

What this phone features that is really growing on me, is the Infinity Display, with its uninterrupted end-to-end display. 

Check it out online. #Unpacked #GalaxyS9

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