Wednesday, 21 February 2018


Mind Blown...

That's how I can describe The Illusionists right now.
A showcase of jaw-dropping talents from 7 of the most incredible illusionists on earth in my opinion. 

The acts include grand illusion, mind reading & disappearance. Definitely world class performers who have taken a leaf out of the books for their own showmanship from some of the greatest illusionists in history (think Harry Houdini).

What makes the show even better is the modern & contemporary aesthetic. The set & costume designs sure lend to the theatricality & the artistry that has not, to this level, ever been seen in South Africa.

Something that makes the show very 'relatable', is the that the performers have gone that extra mile to make the show South African & include current events & local happenings in their show. My favourite for the night most certainly was Chris Cox, The Mentalist. Not just an incredible talent, but a funny guy & he had the crowd laughing & cheering at just how accurate his mind control & mind reading abilities are.

Probably one of the biggest crowd favourites is Darcy Oake, The Grand Illusionist, who makes the show when he disappears off stage like vanishing into thin air & even more, when he makes a real life-size motorbike appear on stage. You are literally left in awe & it boggles your mind as to how on earth they get it right. 

This is most definitely a show that I would highly recommend to persons of all ages. You sit there watching things unfold before your very eyes & you know it's not physically possible. All of a sudden you believe in magic all over again, & you just can't help it, but before you know it, you are excited like when you were back when you were a kid. 

I was fortunate enough to get to meet the The Grand Illusionist himself, Darcy Oake & he took us on a journey of magic & how it changed his life. (Completely by chance when his dad correctly, by complete luck, chose his card out of a pack of 52) 

If you want to see what everyone else has been saying about the show online, just check out #ItsAnIllusion & I'm pretty sure you will see that it's not just me raving about the show.