Wednesday, 23 August 2017


What better way than sipping Champagne, watching the Polo & eating food prepped by Chef Marthinus Ferreira on the latest Gaggenau equipment? I was lucky enough to attend this year's Cell C Inanda Africa Cup Polo Tournament at the Inanda Club in Sandton as a guest of the prestigious brand: Gaggenau.

I can already hear some of you pondering on what Gaggenau is, so let me give you a bit of info, so that you won't need to go Google it yourself. Starting in a small village in the Murgtal Valley, Gaggenau was founded in 1683. By using the iron ore in the valley, Margrave Ludwig Wilhelm von Baden openend a new source of income for impoverished farmers & this foundation is where the success of the brand started.
Now, after 334 years of craftsmanship, Gaggenau is no longer just a brand; it is a culture. The ongoing quest for authenticity & quality are values still holding strong in what many have recognised as an exclusive culinary culture & provides an experience for a sophisticated lifestyle. So they manufacture high-quality home appliances & have been acknowledged as an innovation leader in design & technology. They have revolutionised the domestic kitchens in more than 50 countries around the world.

As Gaggenau is very synonymous with an exclusive culinary culture & it is not simply an appliance, but an experience in itself & being a representative of the sophisticated lifestyle, it made sense that Gaggenau partners up with the Inanda Africa Cup Polo Tournament as an associate sponsor. 

And this is why I think Gaggenau found it very appropriate to reveal its latest state of the art CV 282 Flex Induction Hob, with an integrated ventilation system. So to put it simply, this is a very sleek & sophisticated hob that has a built in extractor fan. So basically what happens is whilst you are cooking, the ventilation extractor is at the same level of the hob & it pulls in all the smoke before you end up smoking up your whole kitchen.

We were hosted in the VIP Gaggenau lounge, where we were able to enjoy a live demonstration by Chef Marthinus Ferreira, owner of the restaurant DW-eleven 13. Using the newly launched hob, he prepared a traditional Sunday lunch right there in front of us, showing us just how incredible this new Gaggenau addition really is. 

"If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then Gaggenau appliances are the soul of the kitchen." - probably one of my favourite quotes by Enrico Hoffmann. He continues to say: "The culinary experience is no longer defined in a room or as an object, but has become a culture, an element that Gaggenau grasps as a brand."

The Difference is Gaggenau.


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