Monday, 12 June 2017

Copperlake Brewing Co

So it is almost #FathersDay. I won't be in town & my Dad will be away, so we had an early celebration at Copperlake Brewing Co - Brewpub in Broadacres and I think it is definitely something to write home about. So here I am, telling you guys.

Just a bit of background info on Copperlake Brewing Co. They have a brewery out near Lanseria & that is where all their beer is made & bottled. They decided to open the Brewpub so that clientele could have the chance to drink Copperlake brews on tap there for 6 days a week. 

So I am always looking for restaurants that are different & have things going on that make the visit so much more enjoyable. Little did I know about these things that Copperlake Brewing Co have happening. The Brewpub offers an 'Adult's Playground' and they have Beer Pong, Hammered, Battleshots & Giant Jenga ready for those guys who are keen to let their inner child loose after a few beers. 

For those of you who like to test & try out new things before you buy them, then this is the perfect opportunity. Copperlake Brewing Co offers a "Tasting Tray" of 8 signature Copperlake brews that you can sample before deciding on that specific one that tickles your fancy. 

From the Light Lager to the IPA & even a Citrus Cooler make up some of the interesting drinks that arrive on your table. My person favourite was the IPA, whilst my Dad opted for the Light Lager. 

We started off lunch with Grilled Haloumi served on fresh sliced French Loaf & Rocket & a Sweet Chilli-IPA dipping sauce, Homemade Brew House Pretzels served with a Hummus & Grilled BBQ Chicken Strips that had been basted in a Copperlake Dark Lager marinate. 

Lunch... The Brie & Peppadew banting burger. Instead of the bun, your burger is served on a black mushroom with creamed spinach.

Mexican Flat Bread with Coriander Chicken. A crisp & fresh flat bread served with a Cherry Tomato's, Avo & Melted Cheddar, Fresh Coriander & spicy Chicken pieces.

The Mexican Skewer Fajita. Definitely a favourite. Medium cooked Beef Fillet cubes, served with tortillas & finished off with a Creamy Guacamole, Tomato Relish & Sour Cream. 

Food is all prepped fresh from scratch, so the wait is a lil longer than what you are probably use to. But, it is worth it. And you can always just have another beer whilst you wait. Ooh, or if the beer isn't for you, then you can indulge in a Craft Ice Tea. The Passion Fruit & Lemon was definitely one I would go back to have. 

Dessert. Or well, and adult milkshake. Oreo & Kahl├╣a. All I'm saying is this is delicious & you need to go try it out for yourself. (They have one with Nutella too.)

All in all, it was a great day I got to spend with my dad, enjoying somethings that we both love.

Good Food & Good Alcohol.

What made the vibe here even better, it was 'Appreciation Sunday.' So basically what the Brewpub does, is that they have a themed Sunday activity to keep patrons entertained. This past Sunday, they hosted a Potjie Competition, whereby teams get to enter & come make their own Potjie right there at the Brewpub on the patio outside. The only catch is that you are only allowed to use the huge variety of ingredients that they supply for you & then you have to make use of one of their signature brews in your cooking skills. It was very entertaining to watch & some of the aromas that passed over to our table got us wanting to go sample some of the pots ourselves. 

The other nights of the week are also busy just btw. You can check out their Facebook page - Copperlake Brewing Co to keep up to date with what they have going on, but I know that these are some of the activities happening regularly. 

Wednesdays - Quiz Night
Fridays - Hop on Hop off Party Bus Pub Crawl
Saturdays - Guest Brewers
Sundays - Appreciation Sundays
- 1st Sunday of every month: Hop & Hoof Spitbraai
- 2nd Sunday of every month: Potjie Competition

So I found out they have some cool things happening just for Fathers Day on 18 June. You can join Adam & Nick Scott, father & son duo that will be brewing a fresh brew that day, in the Brewpub for you to watch & enjoy. 
They also stock some pretty cool Copperlake Merchandise where you will be able to "Build Your Hamper" with all the things your dad loves.  

I think it's a must visit for Fathers Day this year. You won't regret it!

Oh, and there is even live music on a Sunday afternoon. So no more need for that Sunday afternoon nap when you can be chilling out in the sun with friends or family enjoying a beer or 2 to end off the weekend.

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