Monday, 27 February 2017

#TimeSquare Construction Site Chefs Table

The current state of the #TimeSquare building site does not seem like anything is really ready. But let me tell you what. On the inside. Things are happening. And things are looking (and tasting) really good. 

And how do I know this, you ask? Well, I got to do a technical tour of the new #TimeSquare Casino. (Unfortunately for you, the no photo policy inside a casino, was already effective, so I can't show you what the actual casino looks like on the inside. So you will have to go see it for yourself on 1 April, when they open their doors for the public.

It was so interesting to actually get to hear & see what planning goes into getting a casino running & the technicalities around machines & tables, even what the odds are that you may hit the jackpot. So the machines & tables are in and ready for use. (We even got to have a spin, mind the pun, on some of the new, 1st in Africa, slot machines.) If you drive past the front of the new building today, you can actually see some of the machines & lights in the windows. This is a new approach that the team at the #TimeSquare casino have taken & is a 1st of it's kind, where you can see in & out of the casino.

I was lucky enough to be one of the very 1st people to eat a meal that was prepared in new #TimeSquare state of the art kitchen by a few of the most talented Chefs from the Sun International group. 

Chef Ronald Ramsamy was there to welcome us to the kitchen & introduce the team that would be cooking for us today. And that this would be their very 1st time actually cooking together. 

A tour of the new kitchen was pretty impressive with machinery that is so technologically advanced & computerised that at the push of a button, your meal can be prepared according to a pre-programmed recipe. (Something that will become a standard in all Sun International hotels in the near future, meaning that the lamb curry that you have in Bloemfontein, will be exactly the same as the lamb curry served in #TimeSquare.)

Now for the part of the preview that I am allowed to show you. The incredible feast that we indulged in with management of #TimeSquare to celebrate the 1st meal ever prepared in the #TimeSquare main kitchen.

Each course was created & prepared by one of the chefs & they definitely created real 'Timeless Memories' with The Mastery of Time Chef's Table.

1st Course - Chef Ronald Ramsamy
Foie gras, Dark Chocolate, Cucumber & Hazelnut. Paired with Louis XIII Cognac.

What looks like a dessert, is actually a savoury starter. Cucumber sorbet; refreshing & light is something I see myself having lots more of in the future. The foie gras terrine with the savoury dark chocolate biscuit provide a beautiful balance of texture in your mouth with the smoothness of the terrine & the crunchiness of the biscuit.

This course was paired with THE cognac of all cognac. The Remy Martin - Louis XIII takes 4 generations of cellar masters over 100 year to perfect 1 decanter.  (Retails between R40k & R50k a bottle.) This was something special. You could even smell it was special as the Riedel glasses were charged with a double tot & the room was filled with lovely aromas of the Louis XIII legacy. 

2nd Course - Chef Ramon Gouws
Salmon, Dulse, Avocado, Cucumber, Sesame, Soy & Chilli. Paired with 2009 Louis Roederer Cristal.

Sushi. Literally a deconstructed sushi. The plating of this dish, is definitely what grabbed me 1st. It really is done to perfection. Every element has it's place on the plate. Oyster leaves. Yes, that is right. An actual leaf that tastes like an oyster. That already blew my mind. Chilli & Soy mayo drops mixed together with some of the salmon & cucumber was a perfect mixture of flavour & texture in my mouth. And then, if you know me well, you know I love some good bubbly. And at #TimeSquare, only the best would be served. The Louis Roederer Cristal is so fine & fresh, a perfect pairing with the salmon & oyster leaves. 

3rd Course - Chef Adrian Vaughan
Black Angus Beef, Young Vegetables, Madeira & Truffle. Paired with 2015 De Grendel Shiraz.

So Black Angus, originally, is a type of beef from Scotland, which is of the highest quality meat you get due to the rigorous standards that it must pass before earning the label. The finely marbled meat is so soft, juicy & full of flavour. With a Truffle oil complimenting each bite this was a winner for me. 

Pre-Dessert - Chef Chester Graham
White Wine Maas, Cranberry, Blood Orange & Chocolate. Paired with 2016 Cedarberg Sustainable Rosé.

What an incredible pairing of wine with a dessert. The grapefruit flavours on the wine work so well with the blood orange espuma. The cranberry gel drops on the white wine maas just add so much extra flavour to the palate, whilst the chocolate soil provides a change in texture. 

Dessert - Chef Sean Mann
Six Shades Darker. Paired with 2010 Ken Forrester Noble T.

Basically, Chocolate served Six ways. What a delicious treat. There are passion fruit droplets on the plate, which break that strong chocolate taste. Mann also added some popping candy on the plate to surprise the palate with every mouthful.

If what you have seen here, does not excite you, then I suggest that you go back & look again. With only a few days left before the opening of the #TimeSquare casino, you can be sure that the quality of food that will be available will only be of the highest standards.

Have a look & follow Time Square online to keep up to date with what's happening.

Twitter: @timesquareza

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