Thursday, 5 January 2017

Wellness Warehouse

So let me start off this article this way. During October & November, a friend & I were eating out quite a bit. An important fact to know is that my friend is a vegetarian. We found it increasingly difficult to find restaurants that have proper vegetarian options on their menu. They usually have the boring usual things. A salad or a veggie burger. Neither are very exciting to be honest.

So then during this time, I discovered Wellness Warehouse. Or actually, as fate would have it, Wellness Warehouse found me. I had never actually even seen a Wellness Warehouse, never mind even heard of one. So there I went & started doing a little bit of research. Started back in 2007 by Brothers, Sean & Carlos Gomes. Whilst combining their skills, Wellness Warehouse was born to focus on promoting preventative health & offering everything you need to live life well. (And by everything, I mean even organic washing powder made from orange peels...) Only 9 years later and there are 21 stores located across SA already.

Many of us have started living a 'preventative' life, if I can call it that. Very few people are living a lifestyle where they would want to be cured of something, but they would rather prevent something from happening before they need a cure. How many of you take vitamin supplements? In a way, that is living a 'preventative' lifestyle in my opinion. Wellness Warehouse has noticed this & is now providing clients with a one stop shop, where you are able to get everything you need. How often have you wanted to live a healthier lifestyle, but you just didn't know how or it was too much effort because you had to visit 4 or 5 stores just to get your monthly supplies?

I was invited to visit the new Wellness Warehouse store which opened in Menlyn Maine recently. What a pleasant experience. I was honestly not sure what to expect at all. I mean, I have never been the real health conscious eater really. I met Marianne from Wellness Warehouse & we sat down at the Wellness Cafe outside. She explained the concept of the brand & more specifically how the brand has changed her lifestyle. (It's always interesting to see how someone sells a brand so much better if they know & trust the brand themselves.)

Something pretty cool about the Wellness Cafe. Each Wellness Cafe is fueled by Leafy Greens, the organic restaurant owned & run by Antonia De Luca. These cafes specialise in 'free from' options & raw, vegan & carb conscious meals & smoothies. The superfoods, probiotic foods & spouted nuts give their food that extra bit of an edge when it comes to the nutritional side of things. Juices are only cold-pressed to ensure that they retain all the natural goodness. (Watch this space, I will be visiting Wellness Warehouse frequently in the near future to test out some of these meals.)

I did some browsing in store & stumbled across some of the things that I like to eat & drink. The OhMega range of various nut butters. The Mandela Tea range & a wide variety of nuts from the Leafy Green Cafe.

Not only do they stock foods, they have a very interesting range of local & international natural bath products, oils & bath salts at very reasonable prices. 

Okay. So lets be honest here. We have all tried to lead a healthier lifestyle, but failed most of the times because we walk into another shop & we are tempted by those chocolates at the check out queue. Then eventually we give in. Yes, we have all done that. Now what I found in Wellness Warehouse, literally everything is healthy or good for you at least in some way, whilst still tasting good. I find it easier to pop in there to get some supplies whilst even in giving into temptation for something sweet, at least I know it is still a healthier alternative.


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