Wednesday, 4 May 2016

FRAAS – The Scarf Company

With more than 135 years in the business. Five generations later, after being established back in 1880 in Wüstenselbitz in Germany, FRAAS has recently opened their 1st flagship store in Mall of Africa, which just so happens to be their 1st store on the African continent.

A bit of history behind FRAAS. Valentin Fraas started out as a hand weaver who produced scarves and other hand woven garments. Currently, being the biggest manufacturer of scarves in the world, they use approximately 1.5 million pounds of yarn in a year in only their manufacturing factory in Germany. And produce up to 12 million scarves annually.

The symbol used in the FRAAS logo is the Thistle. Now for many of you who don’t know, the Thistle is something rather ‘indispensible’ in the manufacturing of any original, smooth & soft cashmere. The Thistle is used to brush cashmere to give it that luxurious smooth feel. For FRAAS, this also symbolizes sturdiness & naturalness; as well as elegance & luxury. And when you walk into that store, that is exactly what you feel. Everything oozes pure elegance and luxury. 

Andreas Schmidt, executive director & 5th generation in the FRAAS family: “The African continent is a market with enormous potential. Especially South Africa. It is a perfect platform combining an array of cultures and modern life. Our FRAAS flagship store shows our love and passion or scarves, as well as our dedication to the craft of textiles and will pave the way for us into Africa.”

“We place the highest value on the quality of the raw materials we use as well as on cutting edge designs. When customers wrap a FRAAS scarf around their neck, they are wrapping themselves in a piece of fashionable textile trust. It is no wonder, since we are a brand that has always manufactured its own products,” says Schmidt. The store stocks scarves for men & women; ponchos, ruanas, hats, gloves and even home accessories such as blankets and cushions all in a variety of material ranging from cashmere to silk.

Being lucky enough. Myself and a few fellow South African fashion enthusiasts, who are also just ordinary individuals with day jobs, were afforded the opportunity to be featured in the newest FRAAS “How to Wear A Scarf” lookbook, where we basically show various ways to wear a scarf in a new and very fashionable way.


The new FRAAS store is situated in The Mall of Africa and is a must see. 

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