Friday, 18 March 2016

Beast Grill meets Rubber Duc

A sit down with Rubber Duc at Beast Grill

Amiel (22) from Jozi on the Bass Guitar, Snare Drum & Backing Vocals (also known for his shoop-shoop dancing)

Brendan (25) from Jozi on the Lead Guitar, Kick Drum & Backing Vocals

Nick (27) from Jozi on Lead Vocals & Hi-Hat

Sheldon (21) from Jozi on the Saxophone, Tambourine & Backing Vocals

(There must be something in the Jozi air...)

10 Quick Questions:

1. Who is always hungry?
 - Amiel

2. What is your favourite food?
Amiel - Lasagne
Brendan - Steak, Egg & Veggies
Nick - Creamed Spinach
Sheldon - Pizza

3. What is the craziest thing you have ever eaten?
Amiel - Sheep Head Curry, I didn't know what it was at the time.
Brendan - Spaghetti of the Ocean a.k.a Raw Eel
Nick - Uncreamed Spinach!
Sheldon - Raw Chicken Liver... it's a Lebanese thing

4. How did you experience Beast Grill?
"Beastly"... even though we had forgotten our snorkels!

5. What was your favourite dish at the Beast Grill launch?
Amiel - Beef Ribs
Brendan - Calamari
Nick - Jalapeno Mac & Cheese
Sheldon - Cheese Burgers & Spring Rolls

6. How do you feel South Africans respond to your music?
Our music makes people happy. That is why we have such a varied support base, ranging from 4 year olds to 80 year olds.

7. Any South African artist you guys look up to?
Goodluck (and here I am thinking of what an AMAZING collaboration these guys could do!)
Gangs of Ballet
Matthew Mole

8. So... Big or Small? Crowds that is...
Haha, well we like both. The intimate crowds allow us to interact more closely with the audience and have a "story-telling" session. (Exactly like at Beast Grill)
The large crowds are amazing as well - lots of people singing with, is an incredible experience.

9. Your music is unique, yet difficult to describe. How would you describe it?
Amiel - We play happy, make-you-feel-good music.
Brendan - We do a lot of writing on the road, and draw influence from different experiences in a variety of locations. So our music generally reflects the mood that we are in, and we are almost ALWAYS in a good mood.
Nick - Like folk received a sexy injection of brass...
Sheldon - "Lekker Fun"

10. These totally EPIC Rubber Duc caps you guys are sporting? Where can I get one?
We sell them at our shows and you could also get in touch with us via email on

Myself with Laura from @LaurasW0rld rocking to Rubber Duc at Beast Grill

Told you so...
Nana - Rubber Duc's Manager...
What a Crazy yet Awesome woman!
Spotted Ryan Hignett enjoying the Vibe

Sheldon rocking Le Coq Sportif sneakers


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