Sunday, 23 March 2014


Well it all started on Thursday afternoon when I got a tweet from @MB_FashionSA saying that I had won the #Selfie competition on Instagram and Twitter. Later on a representative from iProspect gave me a ring and explained everything to me about the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Johannesburg VIP Experience that was awaiting me

So myself and my +1 would be picked up at 8:30 on Friday morning by Mercedes Benz at my house. From there we will be driven to Sandton City and checked into the Sandton Sun Hotel. We would meet up with fashion blogger Jerri Mokgofe who would be our stylist and give us advice on what to wear and how to wear it. Then there is a hair and makeup appointment after which we would head back to the hotel and freshen up and then head off to the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Johannesburg at the Sandton Convention Centre for an evening of VIP Treatment.

So that's a quick outline of what was to be expected.

Friday morning came. And after much anticipated waiting, William rang our gate bell and when we got outside. There was this stunning CLA 45 AMG Mercedes Benz waiting to whisk us off to Sandton City.
Driving around in such a luxurious sports car is an exhilarating experience. The 40 minute trip was over faster than a cat nap and before we knew it, we had arrived at the Sandton Sun Hotel. Here we were greeted by Janine from iProspect who welcomed and congratulated us on winning the competition. Some amazing news was greeted with some surprise and much excitement. My Sister (My +1) and had each been given R 5,750.00 gift vouchers for Sandton City which we would be able to use at our disposal for the day. The hotel concierge quickly showed us up to our room to drop off our bags and with that our program for the day was set out for us. 

And off we venture into Sandton to go meet up with Jerri at Zara to start our shopping spree. After an intimate meet and greet, Jerri dressed in his luminous green/yellow Adidas tracksuit and sneakers made a very easy target to spot a mile away. A few questions on what we like and how we dress so that Jerri would get a feel for what he has to work with.

And that's when the fun started... Hopping from shop to shop. 

Putting full outfits out on hold for a while until we had decided what we wanted. 
Full on Formal to Laid back and Casual. And what I loved most was the sometimes brutal honesty that Jerri would criticise my options and combinations. Even some fragrance shopping was done. Sampling some of the best fragrances has never been this much fun. We got hooked at the Tom Ford Collection... Tuscan Leather from the Private Collection on the inside of the arms and Sahara Noir and Noir on the outside arms made for the most incredible smell that I just could not get enough of.

Finally we had all found something that was perfect to wear and approved the standards set by Jerri. For Jerri would not deny that he had dressed us. 

We headed off to Sandton Hair to have the hair washed, trimmed and styled. I have a great Indian Head Massage whilst having my hair conditioned whilst Jerri discusses with the stylist what he has in mind for what the look he wants.
Mine is a quick cut. Short on the sides. Lengthening to the back. With a slight Mowhawk. 
My sister has her hair blown out and curled up into a very Taylor Swift like do whilst she gets a mani and a pedi. 
Off we go to Inglot for my sister to get her makeup done before we head off to the show.

We rush to get the last few essential items and get back to the hotel with very few minutes to even relax and enjoy the room and immediately start getting ready, wash and freshen up and get dressed into our new attire for the evening.

And this was the end of the shopping spree and VIP treatment at the hotel before we head off to the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Johannesburg...

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